Search Management Control

Search Management Control

Implementing a search feature onto your web site can be tricky. This is more of a problem if your web site is a dynamic Content Managed web site and even more difficult if you have a secure area within the site.


CK5 provides an easy to understand and implement methodology which allows you the designer complete control,


So what are the issues.

a) You may not want the search to look at all your content. This is particularly true if your have a secure area.

b) You may want the search to find content which is not currently published ( ie archived content ).


Withing CK5, we set up a search object. This search object defines the pages and blocks that the search engine is going to check and combines this with a flag to indicate if the search is to look at archived content.

What this means is that we can set up separate search objects for different pages allowing each to work independantly.

Each time a search is executed the search results get added to the our statistics package so we know which content is being retrieved and which of those are being read,

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