Everyone loves CK5

Everyone loves CK5

So in your buiness there are many people who are looking at the Web Site and their view of whether it is delivering for them differs according to their role in the business. 

If the website is a CK5 website then we can be pretty confident they will like what they see.  Lets look at the web site through their eyes:


Well of course he likes it, the designs and functionality were shown to him before you started and those designs have been delivered in full.


He understands that CK5 environment delivers a fully integrated digital marketing platform. Because it is all under the one umbrella database, it is easy to maintain, no importing an exporting of email address between systems means less effort and more reliabilty resulting in less cost.

Brand Manager:

The Brand Manager is happy because CK5 makes it hard for anybody to mess with the Brand. You have spent $1,000s of dollars on getting the correct Brand Imagery and you really don't want Jesse in IT putting a 'special' into any pages.

Copy Writer:

The Copy Writer is happy because they know that once the final touches have been put to the masterpiece of creative writing, it is safe, it will be there for ever and will not require re-writing when a new version of the Web site is developed.

Marketing Manager:

The marketing manager is happy because CK5 allows for the best possible page presentation for SEO. The way the important words and phrases can be included in all the key places and the article synopsis allows you to manage how the search results are presented.

Marketing Assistant:

The ability to create a web site that engages with your audience and collects the details of interested people into your mail list means that the accuracy and consistency of the mail list is optimised.  Add to that the way CK5 allows you to create and send marketing emails to your audience including links to articles already written and driving the reader back to your site, makes the job so much easier.

Web Developer:

CK5 for a developer is a joy. The site setup process creates an environment ready to go, with all the infrastructure in place and a database ready to create your content. This allows the developer to concentrate on the good stuff, the design requirements.

There are lots of features to play with and its quick and easy to use.


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